"Pizza delivery: No sticking to the pizza box thanks to save."

Optimal solution


 to your needs.

Simple and effective. A Pizza Saver "PS" made of food-based plastic ensures that pizza delivered in the carton can no longer be stuck to the lid and always reaches the customer in optimum condition.


Quelle: Café Future.Net


The product is manufactured exclusively in Germany. We take care of an appealing design, impeccable quality and a clean production and processing. By pursuing the claims "Made in Germany" we also guarantee a safe and fast delivery.

Do you have any wishes? Size of the Pizza Saver? Color of your Pizza Saver holder adapted to your house colour? Would you like a print with your logo or your statements on the Pizza Saver? Do you want your delivery at a specific time? Should we take over logistics for you in your individual branches? - Write us! If you send us your telephone number, we will be happy to call you back.