Without Pizza Saver.

The pizza sticks to the lid of the packaging.

This problem is usually caused by the transport of several pizzas in a delivery box. The pizza carton becomes moist and loses its firmness - the lid is pressed on the fresh and hot pizza and the pizza sticks to the lid when the box is opened.

Loss of customers and a bad picture.

With Pizza Saver.

Our pizza saver is a small but revolutionary tool. The use of the distance holder prevents the pizza from sticking to the lid of the carton. This ensures that your pizza reaches the customer in an optimal condition.

Pizza restaurants and fast food companies across the country confirm that it really works.

The Pizza Saver can be used flexibly on pizzas of different sizes. Thanks to its three-legged design, the Pizza Saver can be used on both cut and uncut pizzas. The Pizza Saver is made of food-safe plastic and can therefore be used without hesitation in the gastronomy.

Make sure your customer gets a perfect pizza. Fresh from the oven-delivered safely home.

Best Pizza for best business